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Oneness Wellness offers a variety of services to enable our clients to flourish in all areas of their lives, whether that means overcoming unwanted habits and patterns, improving physical health, enhancing immunity, reducing stress, making progress on their spiritual journey (and potentially even reaching the destination), or any combination of these objectives. To that end, we offer herbalism, hypnosis, Reiki, and self-realization guidance services designed to assist clients in awakening to their true nature, making life changes and overcoming behaviors that do not benefit them anymore, nurturing the body’s natural healing ability, and promoting relaxation and overall balance and homeostasis.


At Oneness Wellness, we partner with our clients to empower them to make changes necessary to improve their lives.  We are a judgment-free zone, recognizing that each client is unique and striving to meet them exactly where they are when they arrive at our doors.  We take a holistic approach to providing the information and tools necessary for clients to move forward in their lives and personally realize their specific ideals for themselves.

Contact us today to discuss your specific needs and to make an appointment to begin your personal journey toward attaining your health, wellness and spiritual goals.

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Auburn, ME


DISCLAIMER:  At Oneness Wellness, we do not diagnose or treat medical conditions, nor do we provide medical treatment or prescribe any drugs or devices that require a prescription.  We are not doctors, pharmacists, therapists, dieticians or other licensed medical or health care professionals.  We are herbalists, hypnotists, Reiki practitioners, and spiritual guides.  Our services are offered and intended to complement and supplement the medical diagnoses, advice and treatments provided by your licensed health care providers; they are in no way intended, nor should they ever be considered, a substitute for the medical advice, treatments or medications you receive from your licensed health care providers.

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