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What is Self-Realization Guidance?

What is self-realization? Can it be achieved? 

If so, how does one go about it?


Have you been on a spiritual journey that is going nowhere?  Are you tired of reading books or attending workshops with promises of awakening and amazing transformation, only to be left feeling empty and wanting more?  Are you ready to get serious and try to complete your spiritual search once and for all? 


If you are reading this, you are probably someone who has a troublesome voice deep inside you; a whisper telling you there is a larger Truth that must be discovered at any cost.  Ask yourself honestly: am I fearless and willing to do whatever is necessary to cut through illusion and awaken to the Truth of reality?  Do I have the courage to let go of my assumptions and beliefs in order to discover who I truly am? 


Self-Realization Guidance (sometimes called enlightenment, spiritual awakening or self-enquiry coaching) is a collaborative partnership designed to assist with clients' self-enquiry so that they may directly recognize the true nature of the Self and reality.  At Oneness Wellness, we are focused on nonduality - the oneness of everything (often referred to as the "perennial wisdom" or the shared foundational truth or essence of most major religious traditions) - and our clients’ ultimate awakening and liberation. 


At Oneness Wellness, we help our clients peel back layers so they can discover hidden aspects of the self and recognize their true spiritual nature as an integral part of a greater whole.  Our self-realization guidance goes beyond helping clients make small spiritual changes and instead gets right to the heart of the matter by exploring questions relating to the nature of the self, consciousness and experience, and by offering pointers and exercises to assist clients in overcoming any misconceptions and obstacles which may be frustrating their progress. 


Are you satisfied with your current path?

DISCLAIMER:  At Oneness Wellness, we do not diagnose or treat medical conditions, nor do we provide medical treatment or prescribe any drugs or devices that require a prescription.  We are not doctors, pharmacists, therapists, dieticians or other licensed medical or health care professionals.  We are herbalists, hypnotists, Reiki practitioners, and spiritual guides.  Our services are offered and intended to complement and supplement the medical diagnoses, advice and treatments provided by your licensed health care providers; they are in no way intended, nor should they ever be considered, a substitute for the medical advice, treatments or medications you receive from your licensed health care providers.

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