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What is Reiki?

Reiki is a gentle healing technique that promotes deep relaxation and helps restore the body's energy equilibrium.  Reiki is performed with the client fully clothed and lying comfortably on a massage table, and the practitioner's hands positioned in various locations either directly on or a short distance from the client's body, providing a state of comfort and support and fostering the body's innate ability to harmonize and heal itself. 


Reiki utilizes universal healing energy in order to address a wide variety of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual complaints, supporting the body and assisting it in healing itself by encouraging healing energy to flow where it is needed most.  People receiving Reiki often experience warmth from the practitioner's hands, tingling, and a sense of comfort or serenity.  Typically, the client feels calm, refreshed and energized after a Reiki session. 


Reiki is currently one of the most popular forms of energy healing.  Reiki is pronounced "Ray Kee" and is often translated to mean "Universal Spiritual Life Force" or "Soul Energy".  The Reiki practitioner does not "send" Reiki to the client.  Rather the practitioner has been trained and attuned to act as a channel or conduit connecting the client and the ultimate source of Reiki so that the client may draw on it to gently and naturally correct imbalances of mind, body and spirit, and restore wellness and vitality.


DISCLAIMER:  At Oneness Wellness, we do not diagnose or treat medical conditions, nor do we provide medical treatment or prescribe any drugs or devices that require a prescription.  We are not doctors, pharmacists, therapists, dieticians or other licensed medical or health care professionals.  We are herbalists, hypnotists, Reiki practitioners, and spiritual guides.  Our services are offered and intended to complement and supplement the medical diagnoses, advice and treatments provided by your licensed health care providers; they are in no way intended, nor should they ever be considered, a substitute for the medical advice, treatments or medications you receive from your licensed health care providers.

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